RCMP Warn Public of Computer Scam

RCMP are warning people to take caution of scammers calling your home attempting to retrieve your personal information.

Richard McLeod is a Fraud Specialist with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre in North Bay, Ontario.

He says the scammers have been calling households and offices throughout Canada posing as computer technicians.

They are requesting to assist people with fixing a virus on their computers.

There have even been some instances reported in Nunatsiavut.

The scammers have been using hundreds of aliases such as Microsoft and PC.

McLeod says the majority of the scammers will have an Indian accent as most of the scam centres are located in India.

He says they will likely call from an unavailable phone number.

He suggests that you hang up right away.

McLeod says the scammers will be able to access your personal information such as banking information once they gain access to your computer.

You can visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s website for more information.


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