A Colder Winter for Nunatsiavut (Audio to be added later)

People in Nunatsiavut and Labrador as a whole maybe still reeling from the warmer than normal winter we had last year. We remember the rainy and warm weather up to Christmas time and later.

We also remember the “Cains Quest” snowmobile race up to the Labrador coast having to be cancelled because of no snow and poor ice conditions.

It may be a little different this year.

David Philips is a Senior Climatologist with Environment Canada in Ottawa.

He says in the forty years he has observed the weather patterns, he hasn’t seen the weather being the way it has been in Labrador, especially last year.

He adds a weather pattern called “La Nina” in Spanish is causing warmer than normal temperatures in Labrador and colder than normal temperatures in western Canada.

Philips says this pattern is bringing warmer than normal water temperatures off the Labrador coast which is causing these extreme weather conditions.

But he expects the effects caused by this “La Nina” may not be so extreme this year which could bring colder temperatures and more snow.

Stay tuned to AtjiKangitut to hear Philips will tell us more about this “La Nina” weather pattern and what the weather might be like in Labrador this winter.


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