Hopedale Dog Society

The Hopedale Dog Society was launched at the beginning of 2011 by Joyce Morouney who is the team leader.

She says they applied for funding for the dog society from three different sources to build kennels for animals and for an office shed.

Morouney says children and youth are helping with the care work and are training to prepare pups for new homes for in the community.

She says when they find pups or dogs that are abandoned, The Dog Society will treat and care for the animal then send it off to the SPCA in Happy Valley if needed.

Puppies are being cared and looked after by youth; they are learning new skills along with compassion, empathy, and veterinarian care.

This is a great way to keep pups in the community; and for children to work with one another.

She says they encourage young individuals in the community to work as a team and encouraged activities such as getting exercise by walking with the dogs.

They requested for a small piece of property from the Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

She says they also have a Facebook page which is called: “Hopedale Dog Society."


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